Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Comes to an End… Roll on 2014!

As I'm into the final few hours of 2013 I thought I'd just look back and reflect how 2013 went as a whole.. Unfortunately it had it's ups and downs from winning races to injuries.  But here is how it summed up:

  • I got the privilege to race in the UK, Canada, Hawaii, USA (mainland) and New Zealand
  • I won 2 races overall and placed in the top 3 in 5 races
  • Competed in races of all distances from 10km to 125km throughout the year
  • Set the Fastest Known Time in the 'TNF Banff 3 Peaks' (Which has now been beaten 3 months later) - Video link from the day, great experience: 
  • I took my marathon tally up to 12
  • My ultra running tally of races is now at 5
  • I also got too summit my first 10,000ft Peak too
So looking back it's not been a bad year for me in the running world. Of course it can always be better, and you never know maybe 2014 will be just that!! 

Hope every sets and hits their running goals and ambitions in 2014.

Thanks to everyone for following me live my dream.. 

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