Thursday, 19 December 2013

Friday the 20th December 2013 - Long trail run with Gem.

Each week on my days off from work I try and get a longer run in, I usually just do a easy flat-ish 20-25km. After yesterdays 10km run I had decided this week to do a longer run and take Gem (Girlfriend) with me as she has never ran an Ultra Marathon before and she has entered the same 100km as me in March 2014.
We set off on a very easy and comfortable pace as we was 100% sure how far we was going to run and what the trail was like apart from head from Queenstown to Arrowtown via the Millbrook Resort. What an amazing trail this was, the views the whole was was breathtaking and the terrain underfoot was everything from smooth hard packed trail to single file rugged trails.
A few stats and elevation chart from our run and my choice of kit for the day! 

My kit choices for the day was perfect! I had used my Nathan VaporCloud 2L, my Salomon Fellraisers and of course my Suunto Ambit 2.. Each bit of kit performed awesome as always, my Nathan VaporCloud carried 2 litters of water, a couple of gels and bars, a jacket and some money for extra drinks along the way. My Fellraisers gave no irritations or blisters and Ambit tracked every step as always..
A section through Millbrook Resort and ducks! 
On the way through we ran via the Millbrook Resort, wow! It's an amazing place it was like a mini Emmerdale setting in the middle of the mountains, very nice indeed. On arriving to Arrowtown we took a quick 5 minute break to jump into a store and grab a nice cold drink as the sun was in full beam by now and shortly after we started our return to Queenstown. We both felt really good and comfortable here and decided we would take the hillier option going back, well that was interesting! It was a lot more demanding on the legs and the sun was really killing us by now.. But we had to get back some how… (I'm sure Gem was really enjoying it deep down ;-) ) 
Looking back to where we had come from..
Again the views on the way back were spectacular in every direction we looked which is always motivating and much more interesting than running along side a highway in a city. 5 hours later we arrived back to where we started and straight into the cold lake we went to ice the legs, all in all a great morning out and a good solid start to the Ultra training! Well done Gem…. :-)  Time for food, recover and back to work tomorrow :-)
Our route recorded from my Suunto Ambit 2

A bit more in-depth review of todays stats… 

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