Friday, 27 December 2013

Lake Hayes - Trail Race.

Last week whilst I was working a customer mentioned she was doing a trail race the following week just outside Queenstown, So I had the idea of 'Why not!' as many know now I really struggle in 10km races now as I don't really train for speed and  have really only raced ultra marathons over the last 12 month. But I figured I would give it a go and get a shorter faster run into my legs right after christmas. I wasn't expecting much to be honest as I have suffered with a cold the last week and had a tough trail trail run of 45km still in my legs from 6 days ago.
Over looking the course around Lake Hayes.
This morning me and Gemma woke up and noticed our room was really bright with the sun already shinning through our window at 8:00am.. after a quick breakfast and a Skype call to family at home we jumped on our bikes and cycled down the road to where the race was based as it was only 11km away! On arriving we were both really finding the heat a problem all-ready, quick check on the weather on my phone and it was at 24 degrees at 11:30am and we wasn't racing till 1:00pm!! The race was a loop and a bit of the Lake Hayes where we was exposed to the sun the whole way round.. wow I was suffering after 15 minutes of running and really started to get a head ache and dry mouth. I set off with the leading group but quickly faded away from 1st and 2nd within the first 5km as they were both moving very well over the rouged and undulating course. I noticed 4th was gaining on me every km but when we come to the end I had managed to hold him off, just! to finish 3rd overall. No one had a quick time at all but some strong running by all, the field was only small as the main event was a triathlon but as they say you have to be in it to win it.. On completing the race a few guys was talking about the heat and humidity whilst running, it came about the heat had rose up to 26-28 degrees during the race. No official results yet but we think Gemma was just outside the top 5 females.
Needed a lay down after the race! 
After the event we had decided we would stay around for the prize giving, wasn't the best idea we had as it meant we spent another hour or so in the sun! Oh we are suffering now.. Once that had finished we jumped back on the bikes to cycle home finishing off the day with 35km in total so not a bad day out!
Today's race profile.. Up, Down and Up again! 
Was fine before the race! afterwards another question… 
 Thanks to the guys at Nathan NZ for their support as always! And well done to every one who raced and took part in the Triathlons on the day too. Cheers guys!

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