Thursday, 2 January 2014

Finding a true hidden gem of a trail!

This morning Gemma and I decided not to worry to much on pace or distance on our run but just time on the legs and go exploring on some new trails out the other side of Queenstown.
We set off from Frankton towards Queenstown along the trail beside the lake side, the sky was cloudy but is was warm and humid with a small shower every now and again.. Perfect for trail running!
This sign wasn't wrong..

On leaving Queenstown towards Glenorchy the sign above described perfectly what we was about to run around! Paradise.. If ever I felt like I was back in Hawaii it was today. The single file, undulating trail was a mix of technical and smooth trails with plenty of options for views across Sunshine Bay. Some of the views where just breath taking. We both had smiles from ear to ear whilst running along this beautiful track. Most of the views were very dramatic due to the clouds and choppy lake, but breathtaking neither the less!
Another dramatic view! 

A few km's later we had reach Sunshine Bay area where their was a few people and cars around but up till this point we had not really seen a sole along the track what made it even more of a hidden gem! We stopped and took in the fresh air from the lake side whist enjoying the views before turning around to head back towards Queenstown again then onwards to Frankton. On our return legs we just happen to stop for a second to take in the views and noticed this rock with the quote " Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have" We both thought yeah how true is that! In the middle of no where on a trail it says this! Someone must of been feeling what we was whist exploring the trail.
So true… 

After a few most breath takings views along this hidden gem of a trail we ended back in Queenstown for a drink stop then continued back to Frankton to get home. We had the most delicious drink, Greek yogurt, fresh mango, fresh coconut and honey all blended together. Was really nice and refreshing and set us up nicely for a slow run back home for the final 5kms of our route.
Leading the way to paradise. 

2.5 hours later we had arrived back home full of smiles because of what we had just found, one of the most beautiful trails I have ever ran on! True New Zealand… Here's to our next discovery :-)

The return leg. 
Thanks for reading and following everyone. 2014 has started off really well, wonder what the rest of the year has in store!

Overlooking Sunshine Bay Trails. 


  1. I used to run that trail down to sunshine bay everyday and back up to fernhill. Loved it