Friday, 24 January 2014

Work, Run, Play!

Over the last 7 days I have done a bit of everything, Mountain biking, trail running and even a grass track session today. I have clocked just over 135km for the week with 46 hours in work too.. Busy week to say the least. My distances covered for the week is nothing compared to some athletes but I have never been a big milage runner.. I just don't ever seem to find the time apart from when I am holiday I end up running way more than at home on a normal week.
Great track to work out on..

I mentioned above what I have been up to this week but here's a little break down on how it pans out : Mountain Bike - To and from work as normal each week
Trail Running - Exploring trails and tracks around Queenstown and Frankton
Track Session - Grass Track at the Queenstown Event Centre, 400m with 30secs rest, 800m with 30secs rest, 1200m with 30secs rest, 1600m with 90secs rest, 1600m with 30secs rest, 1200m with 30secs rest, 800m with 30secs rest finished off with a 400m. For me who doesn't do any speed work, this kind of session killed me!! Felt better after a 50km trail race than I did this morning after my session. But all good as usual..
Not my usual map recording from my Suunto Ambit but still as fun.. Round and round we go!

I also used the Nathan QuickShot Plus as hydration this week, what a great little bit of kit. It's basically a glove with a small 10oz shaped bottle what fits into the palm of you hand. It's really comfortable to run with and it just fits perfectly around the hand no movement, chaffing or irritations. For anyone who doesn't enjoy carrying a bladder on their back for a shorter run this is perfect for you and I highly recommend them. Comes with a little zipped pocket too for your keys etc..
Another great bit of kit from Nathan! 

With only 48 days to go till this years Tarawera Ultra Marathon 100km trail race, I am looking forward to receiving my new pair of Hoka one one in the post this week to get a few longer runs in before race day. Will report as I go along!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to follow and read my posts! 

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