Wednesday, 26 February 2014

16 Days and Counting...

16 days to go! 

As I approach the final couple of weeks before Tarawera 100km Ultra race i have been doing a little less out on the trails, and trying to get my body feeling ready! Within my last blog I was talking about my body feeling sore and tired all the time and I ran less.. This has actually helped a great deal my legs feel much fresher this week and hopefully will continue for the next 2 weeks in the build up to race day! 

The final few weeks before a big event or any event for that matter you always feel that you could of done more! More training, better diet, a little more focus etc... Most of you will know how this feels as I'm sure most people go through the same feelings. Suprise suprise I am doing just this! Thinking could I have done more training and the answer is always yes. But here we are 2 weeks out before I fly to Rotarua for the event and now it's just to get on with it and not think of what I could of done but to think what can I do? It's exciting as it will be my first 100km trail race, I have raced the distance before but over the 100km mark (125km & 210km) but more exciting it will be Gem's first Ultra race, basically the first time she will have raced over the traditional 42km distance of a marathon.. Huge big luck to her :-) 

We are flying on Thursday before the event and arrive at the race HQ on Friday morning, just in good time to collect our race numbers and to pass through gear check. If your not familiar with Ultra Running, each runner has to carry a list of kit in a pack whilst competing for safety reasons, as you can be alone in the mountains or on the trails alone for a long period of time. The organisers want to ensure that each runner can look after them self for a period of time if anything happens to a competitor whilst alone on the trails. 
After collecting our race packs and being signed off for gear checks I think we will be having a relaxing afternoon before a very early start on the Saturday morning for race day! 
Excited to be apart of a race within the first year of the UTWT..

Then alls left to do is run!! 
Cheers for reading everyone


  1. Sounds like your mind is getting ready so you body will be too - exciting times, just try not to get too grumpy in the last few days before hand - I am a nightmare before a big race!

    Good running

  2. Cheers Howard! Yep I'm that grumpy person a few days before for sure..