Sunday, 16 February 2014

Time for planning…

Since my last blog post, I haven't done a lot of running to be honest.. I have done a few runs and bike rides here and there on top of my usual 40km to and from work each week but nothing crazy! Sound crazy I know 4 weeks away from my 100km Ultra Trail Race in Tarawera but my body has just been sore and tired even after rest days. Therefore I decided to take this last week and a half easy..

Course Map - 100km

To keep my in the correct mind frame and focused on the event I decided to start looking more into the race, course maps, elevation charts and previous years results. Basically looked more into 'How' I am going to race the course in 3 weeks or so. I think most of my success in the 'Canadian Death Race' last year was down to just doing some planning before the event, as I wasn't super fit after coming back after an injury but my mind was really fired up after having a DNF in the Fernie 80km Ultra a few weeks before. I feel fit for Tarawera but not as fit as I could be, so I am going to be using the same tactic of fire up the mind to be ready! I have actually used this a few times over the years and often it has worked very well, if I can get my mind 'ready' I'm good to go!

Race breakdown, section by section.

I am actually really looking forward to this years Tarawera 100km race for a number of reasons :

  1. It's a new part of the world to race and explore for me.
  2. The course looks amazing, a great mixture of everything. (100km with 9100ft of climbing)
  3. Tarawera this year is part of the 'World Ultra Series' 
  4. Racing with the worlds best Ultra Runners is always fun!
  5. My girlfriend, Gem's first Ultra Marathon, exciting times for her. 
  6. Also I have raced a few ultra distances but never a straight 100km either

With all that in mind, there is still a lot of work to be done between now and race day. Planning, sorting race kit etc.. out and of course some last minute training.
Thank as always for everyone who follows my blogs etc.. And all the support as always from 'Nathan Sports'
Enough said! 

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