Thursday, 1 May 2014

Finding a Balance

It's nearly been a couple of weeks since my last post.. Finding time to sit down and write seems to be getting harder and harder with training,eating,working and sleeping :-) My last couple of weeks have been pretty good training wise! Not too much longer runs but the runs I have been doing has had quality what is always nice to see. The group of friends I run with on Sundays are improving immensely what is awesome to see, they have even given me another night of their week to abuse them in a training run now with a goal of breaking the 2hour half marathon time for them. I know they have it in them before the winter is out if they keep up the good work.
Out playing on the trails, being kept hydrated by my Nathan Vapor Pack.

I have concentrated on shorter faster runs recently to get the legs working hard and the heart rate up. When it comes to race day looking at the profile of the course I figure my heart rate is just going to shoot up from the start and stay up. I am getting excited now as it is less than 2 weeks away and I'm not actually feeling too bad apart from the last two days I had a little chest cough and stiffness but fingers crossed I can shake that off by the end of the week.

This last week Suunto has now become compatible with Strava… Ummm, now everyone who knows me can see me now trying to make my way up the leader boards for the different segments around Queenstown. I'll keep you informed how this goes over the next few months. This morning I set our for  a nice long last run but unfortunately it didn't really go to plan! From the off my chest was a little tight and Gem's knees were sore, so our stomachs got the better of us. An hour or so into our run we stopped off at the top of the gondola for some lunch and boy it was worth it. Before heading back down the mountain and along the trail back home.
Getting addicted all ready!

Something else to get excited about now is 2 weeks after TNF100 in Australia I now have a last minute entry for the Christchurch Marathon in the NZ South Island. Will be interesting to see how my legs are after Australia but I'm sure I'll enjoy it neither the less.
1st of June 2014

Over this last week I have had the privilege to do some product testing on some 'SOFSOLE' Performance Running socks. I always have an open mind when it comes to testing new brands or products but I must say I am very particular with my socks..
Everyone has heard or even said the saying 'Does what it says on the tin' Well these socks do just that!!

  • Arch Band provides a better fit and keeps sock in place
  • Seamless toe eliminates friction 
  • Fast drying Olefin fiber provides breathable comfort
  • Compact cushioning provides targeted impact proaction for the heel and toe.
On receiving the sock it was actually a brand I wasn't too familiar with plus it was from the USA. I have used many brands of socks from around the world but never SofSole but I'm glad I did. On putting the sock on for the first time it felt instantly comfortable and a good firm hold around my foot. The seamless toe technology is becoming more popular these days as it does truly work and as many of you know on your longer runs to have a sock that eliminates friction is key! I was surprised by the feel of the cushioning in the heel and toe as it doesn't look much and some other brands really go all out to have thick cushioning in these areas but I must say SofSole got the balance nearly perfect with the amount of cushioning. It was enough to protect your toes and heel but not too much for your feet to get hot and even take up too much room in your shoe. The arch support it carries really holds the sock firmly around the foot even when it gets wet! Great feature for sure and like most running socks they allow your foot to breath no problem. 
I have been very pleased with them and will look to get a couple more pairs later down the line to cover all my training. Have I found my number 1 sock? Not sure just yet but I can say i am very pleased at how they perform and feel so after a bit more running they could grow on me even more. 

Thanks again for everyone who follows my blogs and to Nathan Sports for their continues support with the latest hydration gear and packs. My next blog post will be about my time in Australia in the next race of the World Ultra Trail Tour Series of 2014 the TNF100.
17th/18th of May 2014


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