Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Back to Back...

Following my Ultra last weekend I had decided to have a easy week and not worry too much about training hard as I was feeling a little sore and my foot wasn't the best. But Friday evening I was sat at home with Gem and our house mates, Rachael had mentioned that she was racing the following morning in a local 10km race just up the road from us. I had known about this race but thought nothing of it as I was doing my 100km the weekend before but it really didn't take much persuasion at all if any! I quickly popped online to see if entries was still open, 10 minutes later I was entered into the 5km race.. 
Race morning...

Race morning came and I wasn't feeling the best to be honest but I figured 'Why Not!' after a good warm up and a few stretches we were stood on the start line ready to go and I thought to my self 'What if I can't run' Ha. As soon as the gun went there was a runner who flew off the line and into the lead, within seconds my racing mind had all ready thought 'Lets chase' and I quickly moved into 2nd overall behind him. Later down the road my Suunto Ambit beeped with a quick glance down it showed we had just completed the first 1km in 3:09 going up an incline.. I knew my legs wasn't going to keep this up for the whole race as they were tired but I continued to push on and climb the hill we were currently going up. On the descent the other side I slowed a little as with the slap down of each foot my right foot started to niggle again and I wasn't going to push it too much just to run a quicker time a week after my Ultra. 

The next few KM's passed by over an undulating course and we were into the final 1km, little did I know this was across a wet boggy field which instantly slowed times down again but the work was done by this time and I crossed the line in 2nd overall 30ish seconds down on the overall winner. The time wasn't great by any means but I was pleased to finish and cross the line in one peace. 
Good little team at Sunday session!

Sunday evening after work was our usual Sunday night outdoor circuit session. What great fun! The temperature was well into the minuses with howling wind and snow fall, I think the winter has truly hit us here now in Queenstown. My idea of fun - running through freezing cold water logged fields in the dark wasn't to everyone's liking at the start but Gem, Emily and Lar did brilliant as always and just got on with the training ahead after being paced around the fields in the first rep from the ducks swimming in the floods.. Great session, one to remember! 
House after Sunday nights weather..!

Next weekend will see me run in the Christchurch Airport Marathon. I don't plan on going for a quick time but will see how things are at 30km and whether my legs can actually go the distance!  After this I will go into some winter training and try and log some good solid miles with no gaps due to racing commitments each weekend. 

Thanks again for all the support from Nathan Sports NZ and you guys who follow me.

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