Thursday, 3 April 2014

Easy few weeks after Tarawera Ultra...

So I have been a little quiet on my running blog the last few weeks due to my running being quiet too! After the Vibram Tarawera Ultra I decided to just take a step back and relax, as many of you know I wasn't over joyed with my performance in the ultra. I don't actually have an exact reason or excuse to say why?! Apart from a just it didn't' happen on the day… Many of you guys who read this will understand what I mean by this! I just felt tired at 45km onwards and my body/legs just didn't want to go.

After taking a few days to just recover and chill me and Gem went out for an easy 10km to see how the legs was feeling, they felt ok but not fresh by any means. I enjoyed being back out on the trails as I always find rest and peace when I'm out along the trails.. I have often said running distance in Hoka One One shoes have always aided my recovery and again I'd say the same, I was wearing them again for my 10km trot and my feet always feel great! And of course staying hydrated by my hand held drinks bottle from Nathan Sports..
Thanks Nathan Sports for your support!

Since that really I have just been keeping it basic and only going out for a run when I have really felt like I have wanted to rather than 'I have to go out and train!' I have been doing my usual 5km to work and 5km home each day but mixing it up from running and walking. It's been good to keep my legs turning over and in some sort of shape. With the 'The North Face 100' in the Blue Mountains in less than a month I seriously need to some longer runs to get the feel of distance back in my legs, I don't think it's going to be easy! I really want to actually perform a lot better there but I am also hoping the course might actually suit me a lot more with all the long slow climbing involved rather than faster flatter trails like in Tarawera!
A stunning view from the trails..

I have been doing a little more hiking this last 2 weeks rather than running too just because it still gets me out on the trails and mountains with out taking to much energy and effort.

Last Sunday after work I have arranged to do a speed session with a Emily and Lar which was great! It was actually nice to just do a short intense workout with some friends and after our first set of efforts Gem had joined us from work so it was good to have a little group training together rather than going out for hours on your own.! I don't do enough speed sessions but I do enjoy them when I do make them part of my training. Hopefully will get one a week into my training from now on..!
Been enjoying the nice weather in NZ

Like I said at the start of this blog there wasn't much to share, but that is about it what I have been up to running about the trails! The big countdown has started now till the TNF100 race in Australia, I am super excited to race here as it will be a new country for me to race in what will take my tally to 16 countries :-)
TNF100 Elevation Chart

Thanks again to everyone who follows and takes time to read my blog posts! Hopefully my next one will be a little more interesting with what I have been up to.

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