Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What's next..??

My goal for 2015 was always to cross the finish line of one the biggest ultra races in the world, the UTMB a 109 mile race with 10,000 meter +/-. Now I had ticked that dream off my bucket list the problem I had now was where do I go from here.

Loving my time in Chamonix last month.. 

I have be very lucky so far with my running having the opportunity to compete in over 20 different countries to date and have toed some of the biggest races around the world! Trying to upstaged what I did the previous year is increasingly getting harder every year.. But as far as 2015 year goes, I'm about done for the year. I haven't trained much since the UTMB last month and defiantly haven't raced much either. I did how ever race the Clwydian 15 mile fell race with 3,600ft +/- the week after competing out in Chamonix just to see how my legs would cope and what they would be like under pressure so soon after a big effort out in the Alps. As predicted my legs didn't really want to play, I was running up hill ok but descending just wasn't happening with my tight quads, I was pleased to have taken the win overall... JUST! After thinking I had a 2 minute lead it came down to a 300 meter sprint at the end after a brilliant run from Mark Davies from the last check point to catch me on the descent. I crossed the line in 2:04:38 with Mark hot on my heels in 2:04:44.

A shot from a recent trail run I was on in the Lake District, UK

The following week I was home for the weekend and decided to have a run around the local Parkrun here in Conwy again with the legs still feeling sore but crossed the line in 1st overall after running in some tough conditions. The pathway was extremely wet underfoot and slippy on corners what made the times a lot slower than usual and also one of my slowest times on this course. This also took my Parkruns to a total of 15. A number what I wish to grow each year as these events are great for that 5km speed session each week and best of all they are all free to race!

Wet/Muddy conditions at the local Parkrun.

Looking forward I only have 2 more races in the calendar so far but I'm sure this will grow as we edge closer to the year. One being a home match at the Abergele 5mile race where I will run for the North Wales team in a match Vs Staffs County.

The big question is where and what will I do in 2016? Any suggestions and recommendations would be grateful. I will continue to explore and see as many new places I can around the world and compete in many new events around the UK. My first thoughts are to have 2 A races throughout the year and target everything towards these. I think these will end up being ultra races but am still very open minded on what! I would then like a further 3 maybe 4 B races what I will aim for but also use these races to help me achieve my goals in the A races. Again what races I'm not sure.. I have been researching and writing down many events but yet to set any in stone..

Along side these 5/6 races I will race local races and more low key events to help me keep my race fitness up and use them to develop my training through out the year. Something that I haven't always done over the previous years but I now I feel to move forward I need to target more key races and work towards them to achieve higher goals. I look forward to 2016 racing calendar!

Taking a moment to enjoy and take in the amazing views of the North Wales Coast Line.. 

Thanks to everyone as always who follows me and supports me along my adventures!
Paul x

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