Saturday, 25 July 2015

Race Hard, Train Easier..

Everyone who knows me will agree that I don't like to follow the crowds and do things the same as others. It's basically the same with my running, the original moto is "Train Hard, Race Easy" for me it's the opposite way round. I enjoy racing hard and training easy... Why? I don't know! I have always enjoyed racing a lot more than I have done training, maybe because I train a lot on my own i can never motivate my self to push harder when it needs but in a race I can! So I have always stuck by racing lots and training less, therefore I still get the same amount of recovery as normal athletes who train hard before racing then have a rest. I just do it the other way round! 

A great shot from my local Parkrun early on in the month.

July has been no different... I have done a few races and kept up a little training in between each race. I am now 5 weeks out from my first 100 mile race. It's actually a 107 miles with 10,000 meters of climb involved (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc) I am really looking forward to the race, one for the area where the race is based and two that I love to challenge myself and see how far I can push my body/mind before it cracks! 

The UTMB is defiantly going to test my limits to the max, I will to heading over with a great little support crew Gem and my Dad. All i have to do is run.. simple right? They have the hard job of keeping me going and making sure I fuel up and maximise my chances of finishing! 

I have been slowly going through the kit list I am going to need for my challenge and one area I was really lacking was my fuel/food. I have played around with many of things of my other ultras and have a good idea on what I am going to use at this one but I was wanting new form of hydration. My answer: Mountain Fuel UK. They had a philosophy what was so simple but seamed to come across so effective - 

Mountain Fuel at the ready! 

Food first, supplementation second‘ – get your training and fuelling strategy right and you should not need to a) spend a fortune on supplements or b) guzzle supplements that may not actually be really helping your performance or health and well being.
Our products are naturally balanced nutritional supplements which have been engineered to deliver energy and recovery. Mountain Fuel powers individuals and teams involved across a wide variety of activities. Whether you are doing exercise for fun, fitness, as an amateur, a professional, into extreme and or endurance sports; Mountain Fuel has a proven track record that delivers results.

Trying to break away at the Llyn Alwyn Trail Race, but legs didn't want to go... 

After the guys over at Mountain Fuel helping me sort out a range to try, I have used and trailed a few different products of there's now and have been happy so far.. The major factor/winner for me personally is that even tho have all the nutritional supplements needed in a energy/recovery drink it doesn't sit like a tone of bricks in your stomach like many other brands. Their drinks are easy to make up and not sticky/messy either. When I'm running I don't particular like having strong tastes from my food or drink and Mountain Fuel is perfect for this as the flavours they use are nice and light and don't taste sugary and heavy like others. I will comment and give more feedback once I have used, and used these products over a range of distances and circumstances but so far can't complain! Thanks guys for helping me out on this matter, much appreciated! 

A little summery of how my races have gone since my last blog: 

11th July - Conwy Parkrun - 1st Overall in 17:25
12th July - Ty Gobaith 10km - 1st Overall in 35:59 in a new course record for this hilly course.
18th July - Snowdon International Race - 47th Overall in 1:25:41 Pleased with time as it was a longer course this year due to the 40th Anniversary. 
19th July - Llyn Alwen Trail Run 12km - 2nd Overall in 42:10 Legs just didn't want to play after 7km due to Snowdon race still taking boss! 
22nd July - Race The Train 5km - 4th Overall in 15:52 Super fast course, and very pleased with going sub 16 minutes.

Local Newspaper write up after my Ty Gobaith 10km win.
A couple of long runs in over the next few weeks and get some climbing in the legs and we should be good to go at this years Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc! 

Thanks to everyone who follows and always supports me! 
Paul x 

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