Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sometimes pictures are all you need..!

Since my last post I have been working on exploring as much new trails as possible as I am unfortunately moving on from New Zealand in a couple of weeks due to visa reasons... I have enjoyed running over all the mountains and trails here in New Zealand, below is a few of my best pics from the peaks/trails! I figure I'd let the pictures do the talking in this blog post, hope you enjoy! 

On a plus side! As I move on from here I am very excited to explore many new trails and mountains around the world. Mainly I will have the time to go and play in Himalayan Mountains of Nepal for 5 weeks followed by some trail running around China, Thailand and Singapore before flying over to Brazil to see what their trails have to offer. I also have an ultra booked in Singapore followed by a marathon in Thailand too, hopefully find some more along the way too. If any one knows any trails or races worth looking at in these places please shout out!! I'd be happy to go on recommendations for sure. 

Thanks again for everyone who takes the time to read and follow my blog posts. And a huge thank you to Nathan Sports NZ who have supported me over this last year and keeping me hydrated with some of the worlds best race packs and belts along the way.. 

Paul x 

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