Monday, 16 June 2014

Understanding the importance of rest in training..

Since the Christchurch Marathon back on June the 1st I haven't really been doing much to be open and honest.. My 3 weeks back to back racing in May/June included a 100km mountain trail race and a marathon has taken it right out of my body.

Over the last few week I have just tried to keep doing something each week as always. Mainly so I don't get fat as I still eat like I'm training for ultras but also just to try and keep in some kind of shape.. It's actually pretty hard to keep some fitness when you are on a rest month. I had chosen June as a rest month from racing and long miles to allow my body just recover from what I did last month and hopefully I can come back stronger and fitter with a fresher body. If there is one thing I have learnt over the years of training/racing it's the body actually needs just as much rest as training! I have often been known to push myself to the limits in races but as I get a little more experienced I am learning when to stop and listen to the body..

The tally chart below is just a little in sight to how little I have been training each week. I have tried to keep one speed/gym session each with on a Sunday with Gem, Emily and Lauren as always, but other than that I have just been going out doing a few miles here and there:

It has actually been a good few weeks training with Emily,Lauren and Gem as it has given me a purpose to my running in a bid to help them get fitter, faster and stronger! Also pacing my flat mate Rachael last week to her first sub 2 hour Half Marathon is always nice to be apart of. People setting goals and you being apart of it to help them achieve it is just awesome. Basically I have been running for others this month but I have really enjoyed it, actually going out and running with good friends makes it always worth while getting out the house on a cold and wet winters night to go for a run. 

Looking forward I might actually just for the fun of it, compete in a event in this years American Express Winter Festival in Queenstown as a total one off and something what couldn't be further away from what I actually usually race. A straight out 1 mile race, 2 laps of town in a bid to run the fastest time for the mile. Now I actually have no speed left in the legs with all the longer distances I now run but I figure I have nothing to loose, why not just have a go at racing with some of the best in the country at a distance what is way out side of my comfort zone.. What time will I run, who knows!! Other than that I think I will just tick by with the miles and recover fully ready for some good winter training in July.
The Golden Mile 21st June 2014.. 

Thanks as always to everyone who supports me and follows my running jollies around the world
Paul x 

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